Are Larger Brands Always Better for Hosting?

We all want the best in everything, right? So, when setting up a website, you’ll need to have the peace of mind that your files will be hosted by a trustworthy hosting company before you can start worrying about your site’s traffic source.

However, most people will always run to the web hosting giants without giving any thought to upcoming web hosting companies. Search engines will always be flooded with ads from most of these big web hosting companies such that it becomes challenging to look for alternative web hosting companies.

Additionally, large web hosting companies offer extremely affordable rates which are difficult to say no to. However, what most people don’t realize is that these large web hosting companies are actually overselling themselves to remain at the top. True, their services may be excellent, but this tends to have a negative impact on the less computer savvy people who want to set up websites. Continue reading “Are Larger Brands Always Better for Hosting?”

What to Look for in Long Term Hosting

When you hire a hosting company to host your website, it is important to choose a company that will be able to provide you with all the services you will need for the long term. Changing hosts can be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating when you have to wait for your new IP address to resolve with the Domain Name Server (DNS). Because this is a tedious process, you don’t want to have to make a change unless you have to. When you are looking for long term hosting, there are a few things you need to consider before you make your final decision.

At first glance, most hosting companies fall in a generally common price range. However, that can all change when you start looking into larger hosting packages, e-commerce services, managed hosting, dedicated servers and other extras. It is important to choose a company that offers a wide variety of hosting options and pricing structures for you to choose from depending on your needs. Most hosting companies offer pricing information up front, but if you have any questions or want to know about any extra costs associated with additional services, be sure to contact the prospective host via phone or email. Continue reading “What to Look for in Long Term Hosting”

Server Location – Does it Matter?

Does server location matter? The simple answer is that it all depends on the specific circumstances of the client.

For example, for a company that wants its online store to target customers in China, then the location of the hosting company is very important. Most web users in China use the Baidu search engine, which is the national equivalent of search giant Google. Chinese search engine optimization (SEO) experts know that Baidu favors hosting companies and servers located in China.

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Popular Web Hosting Tools Offer by Linux-based Web Hosts

Many web hosting companies provide an array of tools that make life easier for you. Your Linux-based web host will often provide an assortment of site building and site management tools that will allow you to quickly deploy and configure many types of web applications in your hosted web space.

Some of the most popular web hosting tools that can greatly benefit you include: Continue reading “Popular Web Hosting Tools Offer by Linux-based Web Hosts”

How to Find a Hosting Company with Reliable Support

Shopping for a web hosting company may be a bit confusing for individuals. You want a web hosting company that offers a good price for their hosting plans. You also want a web hosting company that offers several features and “nice to haves” for clients. However, one important consideration when selecting a hosting company is the quality of technical support the company provides to its hosting clients. Continue reading “How to Find a Hosting Company with Reliable Support”

Finding the Best Email Server Software

Email server software works with a kind of web hosting dedicated to the management of email accounts and servers. Regular web hosting provides users with predetermined amounts of bandwidth and space to host websites. However, email hosting is geared toward providing reliable servers for email alone, using specialized software.

Defining Requirements
Every business usually has different requirements where email is concerned. To find the best solution to fit your specific needs, your requirements must first be defined. There are a variety of email server software features to consider, such as:

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Free vs. Paid Hosting: What to Choose When Starting a Blog

Starting your own blog is pretty easy to do, especially with all of the software and templates available today. You have two main options when deciding to start a blog:

  1. Start a blog on a blogging website, or
  2. Start a blog on your own website.

You can easily start a blog on a free blogging website, such as,,, or one of the many other blogging websites out there. Some of the main benefits of writing on an established blogging website are it’s free, there is minimal setup to get started and the websites are already established, so already have traffic built in.

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