Web Hosting Bandwidth/Data Transfer Explained

While choosing a host for your website, the amount of bandwidth you pick can be a very important deciding factor for your future success. The traffic that could be driven to your website depends directly on the amount of web hosting bandwidth you choose. A very common question that keeps disturbing your mind is probably: “How much bandwidth do I need to draw a decent amount of traffic to my website?” Various companies have a different bandwidth which they offer to their customers in a planned scheme. There are there very much crucial and most important things that should be kept in mind while selecting bandwidth for your web site. These are as follows: Continue reading “Web Hosting Bandwidth/Data Transfer Explained”

Linux Web Server or Windows Web Server

When we are talking about web hosting, we often get confused to choose the right platform for our server .Actually there are numbers of platforms out there but the most used platforms  are Linux and windows .After researching a lot we can say that it will be more important to select a good web host than to worry about server type .

Windows is developed by Microsoft and it costs a lot to set up a windows server where as  Linux is open source and most Linux distributions are free .But most of the users just don’t need to think about it because if you want a shared server where hundreds of people are sharing same web space ,then your hosting company will set up server for you. But in case if you have a large website then you must go for a dedicated server .And setting up a windows server is quite costly. Continue reading “Linux Web Server or Windows Web Server”

What is Cloud Hosting?

If you have taken the time to look into various server options for your website, chances are you have come across the term cloud hosting. Even though the term keeps popping up in regards to website hosting, it can often times be hard to find any information on what exactly cloud hosting is. Here is a look at what cloud hosting is and what benefits it can offer those that choose to go with cloud hosting for their websites.

Cloud hosting is when a website is present on more than one server. Many times when a person chooses to go with a more traditional and old school web hosting service, there is only one server that will hold all the information for the website. However, under cloud hosting there are multiple servers that are all connected to one main location. This use of multiple servers is where a lot of the benefits of cloud hosting come in. Continue reading “What is Cloud Hosting?”

Choosing Between Free and Paid Web Hosting

Since open source software has hit the Internet scene, users are more inclined to look for computing technologies for free. One such area is web hosting. Instead of paying $3 to $15 on average a month to have someone host a website, depending on the number of years and features, designers are opting to save the cost and use a free hosting service.

However, what can one really get for free and is it comparable to paid services? You should match hosting services in the following categories to make an informed decision. Continue reading “Choosing Between Free and Paid Web Hosting”

Free and Fee-Based Options for Registration and Hosting

When should I pay for a website? If I pay for a website, what’s a good rate? What basis should you get (i.e., if you pay for hosting, should you expect the registration for free)?

Paying for your own website is optional. It can also end up being quite costly, depending on what your budget is and what your vision is for the site. Basically, expect to pay USD $10 for registration, whoever you have register your website. Of course, where you will host your website is another ballgame altogether. Maybe you’ve been thinking you could host your website at your home computer. It’s possible, but it would most likely be somewhat labor-intensive and time-consuming. You are probably better off going with a professional web hosting service, unless you are the type of person who is really a go-getter and do-it-yourselfer who is also probably trying to save a little money–in addition to being a combination of a computer nerd, HTML junkie, and a computer programming super-genius.
Continue reading “Free and Fee-Based Options for Registration and Hosting”

Who is ICANN?

ICANN is an acronym that stands for the “International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers” and they are an organization that, simply put, organizes, assigns and tracks the various numbers such as IP addresses on the Internet.

Everything on the Internet has a number. Each website, every computer that access the internet, every country and every region are all assigned various numbers. ICANN is responsible for making sure these numbers don’t get confused or assigned to more than once. Without the ICANN, there would be no global, worldwide Internet as we know it today. Continue reading “Who is ICANN?”