Choosing Between Free and Paid Web Hosting

Since open source software has hit the Internet scene, users are more inclined to look for computing technologies for free. One such area is web hosting. Instead of paying $3 to $15 on average a month to have someone host a website, depending on the number of years and features, designers are opting to save the cost and use a free hosting service.

However, what can one really get for free and is it comparable to paid services? You should match hosting services in the following categories to make an informed decision.

Storage Space
Paid hosting services will offer storage space ranging in amounts from 10GB to unlimited. Free hosting sites are more constrictive in space provided, with it being very rare to find an unlimited option.

Since free services don’t have the financial backing of a paid service, their server power generally is less than that of paid ones, which offer unlimited bandwidth for all subscribers. However, a free web hosting service is more than capable of handling an average website effectively, unless there is an extraordinary amount of traffic.

While every hosting service will experience some server trouble at some point, how often and for how long is an issue. When using a free web hosting service, it should be expected that down times might run longer due to slower response and quality.

Paid services can’t risk losing customers so they tend to put a lot of effort behind customer support. Reporting a problem to a free service is more limited, especially with less staff and resources.

Overall, deciding between a free web hosting service and a paid one depends on what the site is for. If it is to be a major site with a lot going into it, then a paid service is the way to go. However, if it is only to be tested or isn’t expected to generate much traffic, free would work just fine.

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