Free and Fee-Based Options for Registration and Hosting

When should I pay for a website? If I pay for a website, what’s a good rate? What basis should you get (i.e., if you pay for hosting, should you expect the registration for free)?

Paying for your own website is optional. It can also end up being quite costly, depending on what your budget is and what your vision is for the site. Basically, expect to pay USD $10 for registration, whoever you have register your website. Of course, where you will host your website is another ballgame altogether. Maybe you’ve been thinking you could host your website at your home computer. It’s possible, but it would most likely be somewhat labor-intensive and time-consuming. You are probably better off going with a professional web hosting service, unless you are the type of person who is really a go-getter and do-it-yourselfer who is also probably trying to save a little money–in addition to being a combination of a computer nerd, HTML junkie, and a computer programming super-genius.

If you do decide to pay for a website, web design itself can also get very expensive quickly. That is why, if you are worried about fees, starting up a WordPress or Blogger blog might be more ideal for you, because then you don’t have to worry about the scary X-factors of how much registering a domain name is going to cost you, in addition to paying for a designer, as well as paying someone to host your site. So, you have to resolve in your own mind what you want to do first. For some people, going through the hassle of paying for a site is not what they really want to do. For some people, just having a Blogspot blog is enough and they don’t want to even deal with WordPress. That is totally fine, but you have to realize what works for you. Don’t do it because so-and-so said to do it… you must be your own inner motivator.

If you are paying for hosting, don’t expect the registration to necessarily be free, because you will still have to pay for registration. What the website might do is say, “Oh, look! Our fee total is $100 but we include registration in with the hosting!” So basically, your $10 fee is still in there somewhere, but the site just uses that fact to make it look like they are giving you a bundled deal.

Obviously, if they do include registration fees, then you want to find the bundled fee that is going to be the lowest (for example, if a company offered $60 including the registration and the hosting, that would be the better deal than $100 for the bundled package). You want to be able to compare services as well, so know what you’re getting before you type in your credit card numbers to “buy that site.” If you’re not that experienced in these matters, you may want to consult an expert on starting your own website. If you’re really lucky, someone you know who is a techie might be interested in starting a website for you. That would probably help you immensely, and plus it’s one less thing you would have to worry about.

Don’t lose sleep about registration and hosting anymore! If you’ve been wondering what to pay for a website, what is a good rate to buy a website, and what basis you should get—you now have the facts. When in doubt, consult the web developer of your choice. It never hurts asking for a second opinion.

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