How to Find a Hosting Company with Reliable Support

Shopping for a web hosting company may be a bit confusing for individuals. You want a web hosting company that offers a good price for their hosting plans. You also want a web hosting company that offers several features and “nice to haves” for clients. However, one important consideration when selecting a hosting company is the quality of technical support the company provides to its hosting clients.

Technical Support: Important When You Need It


Technical support is not necessarily something you think about, that is, until you need it. When selecting a web hosting company, one of your main concerns should be selecting a company with reliable technical support. Imagine that you have an ecommerce business that you have grown over the course of months or years. One day you log on to check the site only to find that the site is nowhere to be found. Something has gone wrong and, more importantly, your business is dead in the water until you can figure out what is going on. It is at that moment you understand just how important reliable technical support is to your site and your business.

Select a Web Hosting Company with Excellent Support

Web hosting companies vary when it comes to quality of technical support. However, there are some clues that may be found right on the web host’s own site. These clues will help you to determine the quality of support the web host provides to their clients.

1.) Does the web hosting company offer a toll-free phone number for support?

Some web hosts offer email-only or live chat technical support. When your site is dead in the water and you need answers, you need them now. Not when some technician checks the support email account and decides if and when to write you back. If a web hosting company provides a toll-free technical support line, the chances are fairly good that you will be able to talk to a person if you have a support issue.

2.) Does the web hosting company offer 24/7/365 support?

In other words, will a support technician be available at anytime of the day or night, and on weekends and holidays, to help you with your support issue? Reputable web hosting companies with reliable support will provide technical support to their hosting clients around the clock. You should be able to call the toll-free number at anytime and be able to speak with a support technician.

3.) What are customers saying about the web hosting company’s support system? 

Read customer reviews about web hosting companies. Some hosting companies go above and beyond to provide technical assistance to their clients. These companies should be high on your short list when seeking a web host to handle your site. On the other hand, companies that provide shoddy support will be negatively reviewed. Read as many customer reviews as possible about your potential web hosting companies’ technical support provisions. If you notice a common thread of customer complaints about a certain web hosting company’s technical support, look elsewhere for a host for your site. When the time comes that you need support, you will be glad you did.

Finally, you may even want to “test call” your web hosting company’s technical support line just to see how responsive and friendly the technicians are and how well they handle the call. Even if you have a simple question, the technical support personnel should treat you with respect and make sure your question is answered to your satisfaction. An excellent web hosting company will provide you with customer service that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Finding a web hosting company with reliable technical support is not difficult. You just need to perform some due diligence and research web hosting companies prior to becoming a hosting client. If you take some time and research various web hosting providers and the way they provide their clients with technical support, you will be glad you did should you ever need to deal with a technical issue. When your businesses depends on your website’s availability, reliable technical support is much more than a nice addition to the hosting plan. Reliable support is a necessity for doing business.

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