Linux Web Server or Windows Web Server

When we are talking about web hosting, we often get confused to choose the right platform for our server .Actually there are numbers of platforms out there but the most used platforms  are Linux and windows .After researching a lot we can say that it will be more important to select a good web host than to worry about server type .

Windows is developed by Microsoft and it costs a lot to set up a windows server where as  Linux is open source and most Linux distributions are free .But most of the users just don’t need to think about it because if you want a shared server where hundreds of people are sharing same web space ,then your hosting company will set up server for you. But in case if you have a large website then you must go for a dedicated server .And setting up a windows server is quite costly.

Some people thinks that because their PC runs windows that’s why they need windows server but it is not true .Most of the servers do have their control panel and ftp where you can easily communicate with you server from any PC.

Actually one need to take decision on the basis of their website type .If your website is built using PHP or my sql then Linux is much more easier to handle the website  however if you are using ASP , .NET or FrontPage and using a database like MSSQL then Windows server is good for that. but there is an option to host your PHP site in a windows server and ASP/.NET site in a Linux server but we will not recommend that .Web Hosting companies often offers this kind of features but one should not go for that.

Now lets talk about reliability ,stability and security. People often say that Linux is much more secure than windows but we think high security can be implemented on both type of server and it depends on the administrator .So if the hosting provider is reputed and they have highly skilled persons then we don’t think we need to worry about security or reliability.

So here are the differences between Linux and windows server and you can see that most of the cases both are good for your website but we want to mention one more thing .Making ASP/.NET websites are costlier than PHP websites .Development charges are quite high and there are less numbers of ASP/.NET developers .Where as one can get a lot of PHP developer and a lot of community where you can ask question about your scripting issues .So we can say that its much better to concentrate on your web hosting provider.

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