Our Review Process

All Web Hosts are tested by the WPQA staff.

At first, we check their status in BBB because they have some important information about almost every company in US and Canada. We generally look for the number of complaints and how many of them are resolved.

Secondly, we check Web Host’s official help forum so that we could get how many are complaining about them in the official forums.

In the very next step, we check popular public forums for reference.

In the fourth step, we contact some popular bloggers or website owners who used that Web Host or using that. So that can know their experience too.

In the last, final and fifth stage our staff signs up a real web hosting account and puts the Web Host through their paces. If they claim to have 24-hour technical support, we pick up the phone and call them at 1 am in the morning. If their servers go down for any length of time during our testing, we know about it. Our testing period is one month.

Generally, we check:

• Network Speed
• Network Connectivity
• Network Reliability
• Customer Feedback
• Customer Support
• Quality of Online Assistance Resources

We a good web host should have the following features:
• Account Set Up Time Under 24 Hours
• Offers multiple connections to the internet
• Offers 24/7 support
• The company cannot be listed in any Anti-Spam Organization Database
• No more than 1% downtime recorded during the testing period.
• Set-Up Email is clear, concise and informative
• Control Panel is easily accessible, up to date and of high standards
• Min. 1 year in business
• Is a direct Web Hosting company and not a web designer
• Report Card was submitted accurately
• File Transfers were performed at good speeds
• Accepts multiple credit cards.
• Quality of online assistance resources
• Offers a published FAQ, help and refund policy
• Clearly states how to contact provider (address, phone, fax and
• Response for assistance was in good time
• Traceroutes, Pings, NSLookups and WHOIS all meet our standards