Popular Web Hosting Tools Offer by Linux-based Web Hosts

Many web hosting companies provide an array of tools that make life easier for you. Your Linux-based web host will often provide an assortment of site building and site management tools that will allow you to quickly deploy and configure many types of web applications in your hosted web space.

Some of the most popular web hosting tools that can greatly benefit you include:

One of the most useful and fun tools that your web hosting company may offer is Fantastico. This web-based application’s purpose is to deploy other web applications quickly and efficiently within your hosted space. Fantastico not only automatically deploys a variety of web applications, but this tool also keeps track of when updates for your installed applications become available. When updates are available, the Fantastico interface allows you to update your web app software right from the tool.

WordPress is one of the most popular and utilized platforms on the web. WordPress is great for quickly deploying a blogging site in your hosting space. However, web developers are quickly discovering the content management advantages and flexibility of using WordPress for sites of all types. WordPress is not just for blogging anymore! In addition, you can extend the functionality of WordPress sites with plugins. Some plugins are available free of charge and others are available for a fee.

Joomla is another widely used content management system (CMS) that may be provided by your web hosting company. With Joomla, you can quickly and easily deploy a website that may be managed by a non-technical administrator. Many tools and themes are available for the Joomla environment. In addition, because Joomla is written in the PHP language, pages are customizable and code may be readily edited by a programmer.

Zen Cart
Zen Cart is a shopping cart application that may be deployed right from Fantastico or by using the automated installation feature that is provided with the application. Zen Cart is easy to configure and somewhat customizable with available themes and templates.

CubeCart is another shopping cart application that will quickly get you up and running if you have a catalog of items to sell on the Web. Cube Cart is a well known web application that is appreciated for its ease of installation and configuration, as well as its professional user interface. CubeCart may also be installed using Fantastico or by using the tool’s installation routine.

Magento is yet another ecommerce application that allows you to quickly deploy and configure an online store. Many web developers like Magento for its scalability. As your business grows, Magento will grow with it. Magento is also customizable and highly flexible.

If you have every researched a topic on Wikipedia, then you have seen MediaWiki in use. In fact, the MediaWiki platform was created for the Wikipedia application. Now, you can easily deploy your own wiki platform that allows users to contribute content with MediaWiki.

Drupal is yet another easy to deploy content management system with additional themes and site elements that may be added to the basic platform. Drupal may also be deployed for non-technical administrators to manage, add and delete users and publish new content.

cPanel is the dashboard from which you can manage all of your web hosting company’s apps and offerings, including FTP, email, Fantastico and other web management tools. cPanel is a popular management tool that allows you quickly access your files to edit or change permissions, as well as keep an eye on the space you have available and that which you have used.

MySQL is an open source database application that provides space for the the backend databases for all other applications. You can also use MySQL just as you would use Microsoft SQL for data storage and analysis.

These are some of the most popular web applications that are provided by web hosting companies that offer Linux-based hosting plans. Depending on the web hosting company, additional applications may be provided. Some web hosts will offer photo galleries, task and project management tools and forum applications. Check with each web hosting company to find out the tools they offer.

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